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    Bohigh Group was established in 2007, with wholly owned and holding real estate enterprises in Jiangxi, Hunan, Neimenggu Province and Inner Mongolia.
    Bohigh is such a company which integrates solid waste treatment, renewable resources and zinc nutrition, and has become one large trace mineral elements (zinc sulfate) production enterprise in China, and the only Zinc Brand designated both by International Zinc Association and Ministry of Agriculture in China. Through a unique process technology, Bohigh has achieved an ingenious combination of environmental protection (solid waste treatment and disposal), economy recycle (renewable resource utilization), agriculture development (zinc fertilizer and feed grade additives) and human health (zinc supplementation),and formed a complete industry chain from waste to resource recycling which achieved a 100% resource utilization. Meanwhile,by cooperation with the International Zinc Association and the Ministry of Agriculture, Bohigh has carried out zinc fertilizer demonstration and promotion in dozens of cities in China, which has made its own contribution to the stimulation of human zinc deficiency and solved the problems of China’s agriculture.
    Bohigh annual production capacity of zinc sulphate monohydrate reaches 120,000 metric ton. With excellent quality and superior service, and under reliable quality guarantee system, Bohigh zinc sulphate has been exported to more than 55 countries, such as, the United States, Britain, Canada, Japan, Korea, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Brazil, Ethiopia and Bangladesh. It has been mainly used in feed, fertilizer and mineral processing as well. Bohigh is one large zinc sulphate exporting enterprise in China.

Production Bases:
Bohigh Zinc Product Co., Ltd.
Bohigh Zinc Nutrient Co., Ltd
Pingxiang Xinye Feed Additive Co., Ltd.
Bohigh Bio-tech Co., Ltd.
Bohigh Nonferrous Metals Co., Ltd.

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Welcome to Bohigh
Welcome to Bohigh
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